Yuliesky Gonzalez 'Cubanero' One World Records 2020

Review by Tim Ianna, Tropicalidad, October 6, 2020
"If you like a dash of excellent Latin jazz, we would certainly recommend this Cubanero by Yuliesky Gonzalez ! The Cuban trumpet player from Camagüey, a city in central Cuba, has the music virus in its blood because his father and grandfather also played the same wind instrument. At the age of ten, Yuliesky enrolled at the Camagüey Conservatory, where he retired at the age of nineteen. During his military service he formed a first wind quintet and not much later he started sharing the stage with Cuban greats such as Omara Portuondo, Felix Valoy, Changuito and Alexander Abreu, with whom he toured all over the world. In search of new musical horizons, Gonzalez moved to Europe in 2010, where, after a short stay in the French capital, he ended up in Berlin and there the line up of the Berlin Big Band.conjugated. Own projects such as Cubanaché and Kind of Cuban followed and since 2015 Yuliesky has been playing with the Danish television orchestra The Antonelli Orchestra .

With this Cubanero he now finally presents a first solo album. In most tracks, Yuliesky's own trumpet may of course shine in the first place, but there is also room for excellent solos by percussionist Isan Torres (opener Very Nice ), guitarist Bjarne Roupé (Reflections, Miles Across), saxophonist Tomas Franck (Reflections), Love Theme From A Dream ), pianist Norman Peplow (En Cada Amanecer , Love Theme From A Dream), and here and there, the excellent Santisimo, closing by Timba Berlin-Habana (possibly with the most Cuban and "commercial" song from the tracklist), you can even hear Gonzalez's voice. Instant Latin jazz classic from a true natural talent on the trumpet!"

Tim Ianna Tropicalidad October 6, 2020

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Review by Saul Zavarce

KEYS & CHORDS Music Magazine

Yuliesky Gonzalez 'Cubanero' One World Records 2020

'One World Records releases the debut album from jazz trumpetist Yuliesky Gonzalez. Eight compositions that triggers the body and caresses the senses. You may love Miles Davis or Louis Armstrong, but this young guy beats them all.  

The trumpet player Yuliesky Gonzalez stands for lively afro cuban jazz. Tried and tested with the brass instrument via father and grandfather since birth, the young boy started his training at the age of ten. Later wanderings via Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen (re) formed his roots in a mix of European, Cuban and even African rhythms. Cubanero is his debut album after years of active in various (big) bands. To be fair, I must admit that I am neither a jazz connoisseur nor a real fan. For Yuliesky, however, I make a genuine exception. His virtuosity manifests itself with deftly bound notes in a wide register, perfectly integrated with his 'companeros' Tomas Franck on sax and Bjarne Roupé on guitar. Two Swedes with a long track record, even together with our own Toots Thielemans. An indispensable element is also the talented German pianist Norman Peplow, as a clever glue between the various solos. Cubanero or 'child of Cuba' caresses the senses and triggers the body to try out a salsa or just enjoy warm Latin jazz.'
Marino Serdons KEYS and CHORDS  Music Magazine 22 Sept 2020 


Yuliesky Gonzalez 'Cubanero' One World Records 2020

Cuban trumpeter, arranger and composer Yuliesky Gonzalez debuts with the Cuban phonogram. The Camaguey-rooted in Berlin-began at the young age of 10 at the Camagüey music conservatory while his father and grandfather taught him all the secrets of the trumpet. His palm groves, with a vertiginous career, led him -with only 19 years old- to accompany artists of the stature of Omara Portuondo, Feliz Valoy, Changuito, Manolito Simonet, Pupi Pedroso, Pedro Lugo "El Nene" and Alexander Abreu himself. . In Cubanero -edited by the Danish label One World Records- we hear the work of Hugo José Días Sanchez in the mix and Luis Damian Güell in the mastering. The disc, in turn, highlights the trumpeter's ability to adapt to different sound surfaces, both Jazz, Classical Music and, naturally, Afro-Cuban rhythms. His expertise makes him one of the most representative exponents of Latin Jazz today.Cubanero, an album that includes 8 cuts, all of them authored and arranged by Yuliesky Gonzalez himself - with some collaborations by Norman Peplow, Tomas Franck and Bjarne Roupé-, reviews the different time of Afro-Cuban music with elements from Jazz, Blues and Classical Music.

The album opens with the title Very Nice, a complex reading of Latin Jazz and two solos by the Danish Tomas Franck on the saxophone, as well as by the German Norman Peplow on the piano, to leave the way served to Yuliesky for an incomparable performance on the trumpet , for a masterful closing of Isan Torres in the tumbadoras. The lilting Reflections, with a little more than 7 minutes, presents the performances of Bjarne Roupé (guitar), Tomas Franck (tenor saxophone), Yuliesky González (trumpet), Bjarne Roupé (guitar) and Wiljoph Mounkassa Williams (drums). Santísimo, number that opens with a solemn and introspective musical speech, proposes an approach to Yoruba music with the participation of the guests Yohan Ramón in the cajón and Leonid Muñoz and Carlos Guillén in the chekere and batá drums, respectively. In Every Dawn, a composition by Norman Peplow, is a ballad that highlights Yuliesky's solo, this time in the flugelhorn. Initially treated as a Comparsa, the explosive Cause I love takes on Funk overtones with the notable participation of Martin Mattuck on the electric bass, as well as Wiljoph ‘Bebito’ Mounkassa (drums) and Tony Moreaux (percussion). In Cha Cha Cha Miles Across's time, as the name implies, it is a tribute to the legendary American trumpeter, figure and decisive influence on Gonzalez's career. In the Timba Berlin-Habana play, Yuliesky, who also does the vocal part, establishes bridges between Timba and a jazz discourse.

DJ El Chino Solar Latin Club 3 July, 2020