Naramat Ene Naurori, Noretet Ene Sayelel,  Arami Ene Kool, Carolina Vallejo, Naisiaku Ene Liaram, Faith Ene Rakwa, Norkurupy  Ene Nadala

Massai Mara, Kenya 2010

photo©by Anna Lewerth


As beloved and missed Mr. Andy Palacio stated in his winner speech at Womex in 2007, I too believe in 'music with a higher purpose that goes beyond simple entertainment'.

That of transmitting a culture or ideas, of preserving values of traditions, renewing them in personal ways, being a way of expressing all parts of humans history, present situation and visions. 

Music is a bearer of messages and transmits feelings of inclusion, awareness, consciousness, protest and love.

And music is, as all artistic behavior, a way to express freedom.

Carolina Vallejo 



We love culture. We believe that intercultural exchange developes humanity in a positive way. We believe in that each one of us is an asset to the world and that art contributes to make our lives better.  Human rights is a must, also when it comes to business. We speak English, Spanish, French, Greek, Danish and Swedish. We work internationally. We represent a range of top musicians, from various parts of the world.


One World is doing management, tour management, PR, publishing, photography, concert filming, graphic design, coaching, consulting, promotion and any thing connected to presenting music in a practical sense, connected with professionals in all fields. One World is attending Womex since 2007. We work as a practical bridge between venues and the artists in order to get the best possible production of amazing concerts. Vallejo has been Coaching, Talent Scouting & Curating for various festivals & events.


We have made an exclusive selection of outstanding performers from around the world. One world guarantees great concerts , easy productions, good sound and a happy audience. We like to surprise  the spectator and to give the ultimate party! As a result we always get smiley faces and provide good memories. 


One World represents a range of original top quality musicians from various parts of the world, playing music in the styles of Afro, Luo, Salsa, Son, Balkan, Blues, Bossa, Manding, Gnawa, Fusion, Funk, Rock, Jazz, Afro Beat,  Congolese & Hip Hop.... All presenting original & amazing music.


One World Records is a small independent record label. We are producing, recording, mixing and mastering at Juicy Halftone's Studio A AKA Ventura Records and around the world, including Ghana and Mali. All our collaborations are with the artist and for the artist. We are looking forward to present an exiting catalogue.

AWARDS (selected)

The Danish Arts Foundation. RockAfric. Dansih Arts Council. African Achievement Award for Best Promoter of African Music in Denmark. Grant from Danish Crafts. The Stanislawskij Foundation. Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation of 1968. Grant from Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaug & The Majesty Queen of Denmark. Nomination for the Afrima Awards 2015 for the One World albums by Makadem 'Koko Rio' and Sekou Kouyate's 'Sabaru'.'Sabaru' is also in the selection for the nominations for the 58th Grammy Awards, and has won a Gold Medal at Global Music Awards 2015. Harouna Samake's 'Kamale Blues' is nominated for the Afrima Awards 2018 and selected for Showcase at Womex 2018.

SUPPORT (selected)

We are grateful for the support we have received from: Amnesty International, CKU,  Unicef, British Council, Danish Church Aid, Danish Arts Council, The Danish Embassys in Mexico, Kenya and Tanzania, Jazz Danmark, World Music Denmark, Dansk Musiker Forbund, MDX, Artisten, The Danish Music Publishers & Koda.


Collaborations with UN Denmark, CKU, The Danish Institute of Human Rights, CPH DOX Film Festival, Images Festival, Festival Kora & Cordes, Jazzfestival Christianshavn, Copenhagen Jazzhouse, The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus.


One World was founded by Carolina Vallejo in 2010, to sum up activities spending from art exhibitions to music activities, conferences, social activities, career coaching, and concept development. She started the Club in the Club, 'World Class' when she was working as external promoter at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, during 2009 and 2010. That became a mayor success with full houses at the concerts presenting African music, with Jazz & Hip Hop, and won her an award for 'Best promoter of African Music in Denmark' in 2011. 

From 2011 One World has included a team of sound and stage engineers and consultants, and is still under development to establish as a new way of working for high level art projects in a spirit of conscience and solidarity in the international world of music and art. 

The aim is to establish new networks among professional artists and to share any knowledge and expertise among international artists, creating innovative projects, with future perspectives. Providing Win Win relationships between bookers, artists, venues, audiences and students. 

The people involved in One World, are conscientious to the world situation, and express attention to environment, to peace, and to freedom. Several of the artists take active part in the society, both supporting projects and by transmitting messages.

Since 2013 Vallejo has been curating several projects for CKU, Images Festival, The Foreign Ministry, and she presented African musicians for Her Highness The Crown Princess of Denmark at the new UN City in Copenhagen. She also became co-director of Festival Kora & Cordes in Guinea, along with award winning artist Ba Cissoko. 

Carolina Vallejo was the winner of the African Achievement Award 2011 in the category 'Best Promoter of African Music'. Vallejo has collaborated with The Danish Institute of Human Rights, Unicef, Amnesty International, Freemuse, British Council, Danish Church Aid, CPH DOX Film Festival, The Foreign Ministry, The Danish Embassies in Kenya, Tanzania, Pakistan, Spain, France, Greece and Mexico, and with the Center for Culture & Development. One World Live Video with Makadem by Carolina Vallejo chosen for National Geographic movie on Kenyan music in 2013.

Vallejo's productions for One World Records, has won international awards and recognition. 'Koko Rio' by Makadem and 'Sabaru' by Sekou Kouyate, where both nominated by 'The Afrima Awards 2015' and 'Sabaru' has entered the Top 10 of WMCE.  Harouna Samake's 'Kamale Blues' is nominated for the Afrima Awards 2018 and selected for Showcase at Womex 2018.

Showcases at Womex (Las Palmas 2018), Visa for Music (Rabat 2017) & Moshito Music Conference (Johannesburg 2018), Spot Festival (Aarhus 2008 & 2015) as well as attending JazzAhead (Bremen). Upcoming showcases at Spot on Mali Music 2019 (Bamako, Mali) & Sauti sa Buzara Festival 2019 (Zanzibar, Tanzania).

Photos & Artwork on front page & Web Design ©by Carolina Vallejo

Projects by One World









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2016 KODA

2015 KODA 

2015 DMF

2015 Dansk Skuespiller Forbund

2014 The Danish Arts Counsil


2017 KODA

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2013 Danish Arts Foundation

2012 The Danish Embassy in Mexico

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2011 The Danish Arts Counsel 

2011  World Music Denmark

2010 The Danish Arts Counsel 

2010 World Music Denmark 


2010 The Danish Arts Counsel 

2010 The Danish Jazz Association 

2010 The Danish Artist Association


2010 Unicef, Amnesty International, BritishCouncil, Danish Church Aid, CPH DOX Film Festival

Show of War Child at CPH DOX 

Show of War Child at Danish National Television DR 2

Reception by The Mayor of Copenhagen.

Peace conference on Sudan 'It Works', developed and organised by Carolina Vallejo with 21 panel members from art fields, NOGs and political fields.Resulting in and a visit to Sudan by the Foreign Minister in 2011, thanks to letters to her from former Chief Rabbi of Denmark, Bent Melchoir, after meeting Emmanuel Jal.Final result: increased economic support from Denmark to Sudan (200 million dkr) for the elections for independence.


One World Records


2018 Nominated Afrima Awards 'Kamale Blues'

2018 'Best World Music Album' The Academia Award


2017 'Best Song World Beat' The Academia Award 'AfroBeat'

2015 Gold Medal Global Music Awards 'Sabaru'

2015 Nominated Afrima Awards 'Sabaru'

2015 Best Guinean Video 'Dela'


2015 Silver Medal Global Music Awards

2015 Nominated Afrima Awards 'Koko Rio'


2014 Winner of 'RockAfrique' Award 

2011 Winner of African Achievement Awards 'Best African Promoter'

2018 National Workshop for Arts & Crafts

2018 Grant from Koda's Kulturelle Midler & Musikforlæggerne

2018 Grant from The Danish Arts Foundation

2016 Official WOMEX speaker 

2014  Grants from Koda & Danish Arts Foundation for 'Sabaru'

2013  Grant from Danish Arts Foundation for 'Crownjewels from Kenya'

2012  Grants from Koda, DMF & The Danish Arts Foundation for music projects 'Koko Rio'

2011  Awarded 'Best Promter of African Music in Denmark' Celebrate Africa

2010  Working Grant from The Danish Arts Foundation

2009  CKU for Crown Jewels from Kenya

2009  National Workshops for Arts & Crafts, Gammel Dok Pakhus, Copenhagen

2008  Design for 'Inclusion Year' for The Danish Institute of Human Rights & HHM Crown Prinsess Mary

2007  DCCD Center for Kultursamarbejde med Udviklingslandene, CKU

2005  Grant from Kjøbenhavns Guldsmedelaug & The Majesty Queen of Denmark

2005  Grant from Danish Crafts

2004  Award by The Danish Arts Foundation for Rings in Dialog

2004  Award by The Stanislawskij Foundation

2003  Three Years Working Bursary from The Danish Arts Foundation

2003  Silversmith Ausa Regitse Tillys Foundation

2003  National Workshop for Arts & Crafts, Gammel Dok Pakhus, Copenhagen

2003  Work sold to Museum of Decorative Arts

2002  National Workshop for Arts & Crafts, Gammel Dok Pakhus, Copenhagen

2002  Grant from The Danish National Bank Jubilee Foundation of 1968

2002  Grant from The Tuborg Foundation

2002  Grant from The Copenhagen Cultural Foundation

2002  One Year Working Bursary from The Danish Arts Foundation

2002  Award by The Danish Arts Foundation for 'Love/Marriage'

2002  Danish Crafts Book Award for 'Reliquium' w Mikkel Heriba & Morten Agergaard

2001  Grant from The Danish Arts Foundation

2001  Grant from Ministry of Culture Development Fund, Denmark

2000  Danish Crafts grant for 'Heaven and Hell, Aurum

1998  Scholarship from Escola Massana, Barcelona, Spain

1995  Third Prize in HT Design Competition, Denmark

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