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In the musical universe of the Brazilian singer-songwriter Raphael Gimenes, wild landscapes are metaphors for unspoken feelings. The Copenhagen-based artist writes hauntingly visual, and poetically surrealistic stories, in which he can be hunted by sun-kissing jaguars, chased by thirsty horizons, become a kaleidoscope of butterflies, or turn into dream-singing birds. His 2016 debut album, “Raphael Gimenes & As Montanhas de Som”, was elected the best Brazilian album of 2016 by the Dutch website Written in Music, received 5 stars on Jazzism, and was hailed as a “conceptual masterpiece” by the Japanese magazine Latina. 

His sophomore release, “A tongue full of suns”, is co-produced by the Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur, who also features on synths. On this new album, Gimenes explores his non-Brazilian influences and his life outside of Brazil. The songs are sung in English, a language that he learned when he lived in the United States as a boy. The lyrics are inspired by the mountainous landscapes of Jotunheimen, Norway, where he goes trekking on a yearly basis. The production and the arrangements draw heavily on sounds he heard on vintage European prog rock bands, particularly Yes and PFM. The music itself does not stray far from the universe of his debut album, but the songs do take more symphonic, progressive forms, while the Brazilian rhythms are substituted by the more meditative, minimalistic tabla played by the German musician Jan Kadereit. “A tongue full of suns” also features two guitar virtuosos from Argentina and the Netherlands: Matias Arriazu and Tim Panman. 

The fictitious story behind the concept album is presented as a poetic short text written by Gimenes: “These are the last songs written by The Painter, a broken-hearted sorcerer who disappeared on a journey of self-discovery in the vast canvas of the great wild. They were found floating above the silence of an ageless rock, in a valley of slumbering glaciers. It is said that on his odyssey, he learned the hypnotic dialects of the trees, and deciphered the translucent poetry of the moon; that he unearthed ancient vestiges of rhymeless metaphors, and mastered the alchemy of cosmic verbs. It is believed that The Painter could enter the memories of rivers, interpret the dreams of birds, and that his sun-gilded tongue carried melodies that filled entire horizons. Legend says that he is now a wanderer of the infinite; a sacred secret, revealed only by the colors of the solstice alpenglow on inaccessible, rugged peaks.” 

PERSONEL Raphael Gimenes Vocal & Guitar, Teitur Vocal & Jan Kadereit Percussion
MUSIC Composed © by Raphael Gimenes
PRODUCERS Teitur & Raphael Gimenes
STUDIOS Teitur, Velbasta∂ur, Faroe Islands & Raphael Gimenes, Copenhagen, Denmark
MIX Sebastian Roy, Berlin & Patrick Dillett, New York
MASTER Josh Bonati, New York 
TRACKS 01. The Painter 05:28, 02. The Climber 06:38, 03. The Thief 06:36 04. The Wanderer 05:33, 05. The Dreamer 05:02, 06. The Eremite 06:03

Digital release One World Records ©℗2021
Vinyl One World Records ©℗2022