Makadem´s latest album KOKO RIO was awarded for AFRIMA AWARDS (All African Music Awards) 2015. It has been called Makadem´s best release so far, following the international success album 'Ohanglaman' released by Ketebul Music, and his single 'Obama be thy Name'. In 2017 he hit internationally with Daisho's Remix of 'Nyako' by Makadem & Behr' South Africa. 

Claimed to be 'Kenyas Fela Kuti', his songs speaks of the fluid nature of modern African culture. With a deep understanding of his roots and the ongoing politics, he demonstrates the fusion that is the heart of African identity. Makadem's excellent musical sense, charm and humor, contributes to any stage with an amazing presence. Makadem uses traditional dance elements along with the ones of Hip Hop or Youruba styles. He has created his own vibrant personal dance styles, that has inspired audiences all over the world.

photos ©by Paulo Da Costa

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Nominated for 


'Best African Contemporary Artist'


Kenyan superstar Makadem mixes Hip Hop with the sounds of Afro fusion laced with Luo traditional Ohangla drums, Nyatiti beats mixed with Western rhythms. Bestseller in East Africa the year of release.

Ketebul Music 2007


On Makadem´s new album we have invited musicians from Congo, Ghana and Cuba to groove with the `Kenyan Fela Kuti´ on this funky energetic album. 

Produced by Richard Plougmann & Carolina Vallejo

One World Records 2015