CD & Digital release August 1 ©℗One World Records 2023

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Bholoja, from the Kingdom of Eswatini (former Swaziland), is to be considered one of the most relevant figures of the contemporary African music scene. His voice has become a mouthpiece for the underprivileged. Singing in Siswati and English, his music blends alternative soul, gospel, jazz, blues, and African traditional rhythms.

After the success of his first album ‘Swazi Soul’, released in 2009, Bholoja gained vast appreciation and earned ample recognition in Southern Africa, becoming the first Swazi artist to achieve international exposure solely through the works of his music. In 2015, he completed ‘Swazi Soul II’ in South Africa, setting him as one of the few genuine innovators on the Swazi music scene.
He draws his inspiration from Swazi tradition and seeks to preserve the country’s cultural heritage through his songs. His music is a response to the changing global situation and African growth challenges. This passionate artist soon became Eswatini’s rising symbol of its native rhythms, melodies, arts and culture. Maintaining Swazi traditions is his greatest inspiration and his way of living, becoming a mouthpiece for the underprivileged, bringing forward a message of hope to the victims of true social and health pandemics.                     His enduring popularity is largely a result of his music lyrical strength, depth and individuality.          A large number of his songs focus on the social and economic issues that govern peoples’ daily lives. With an infectious sense of humour and optimism that prevails through all his music, Bholoja’s appeal extends to young and old alike.          

Some of his musical achievements include: Best Upcoming African Musician 2009 Artist at Visa Pour la Creation (hosted by Culture France), Best Siswati Album 2010 (Swazi Soul I) at the South African Traditional Music Achievement Awards (SATMA Awards), Best Album 2012 (Swazi Soul I), Swaziland Tihlabani Awards Artist of the Year 2012. For three consecutive years, he won the Best-Selling Swazi Artist award and ranked top ten at Radio France International (RFI). Two of his titles (‘Mbombela’ &  ‘Africa Unite’) have been published on Putumayo compilations: South Africa (2010) & World Peace 2019).

Bholoja: Lead Vocal, Backing Vocals and Acoustic Guitar
Gally Ngoveni (South Africa): E.Bass
Martin Berauer (Austria): Fretless Bass, Double Bass and Mandolin
Mr Pete (France): Acoustic Bass
Moghale Tsiane (South Africa): E.Gtr 
Amen Viana (Togo): E.Gtr
Félix Sabal-Lecco (Cameroon): Drums & Percs 
Allie Delfau (France): Keyboards & Strings Arrangement 
David Felgeirolles (France): Miscellaneous
Wally Badarou (France/Benin): Keyboards on “Touch from Heaven
Zorica Stanojevic (France): Violins
Marion Gourvest  (France): Cello
Valérie Belinga (Cameroon): Backing vocals on “Don’t Worry
Tshepo Monareng (South Africa): Piano on “Akukho Fecela Wamfenyana
Franck Nicolas (Guadeloupe Island) on ”Inhlitiyo Yami”: Shell and Flugehorns
Gilles Chabenat (France): Hurdy Gurdy on “Sitayicela Ivutsiwe
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by David Felgeirolles (The Future Paradise)
Recorded in The Kingdom of Eswatini (Khazimula Studio, Batef Studio, Ebis) and in Paris 
(The Future Paradise Studios), France.
©℗One World Records 2023