OLUMA "Cooking Time" 

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Cooking Time” by OLUMA  ©℗ One World Records 2024

"I play yours, you play mine. The music never ends." Tony Allen (There Is No End, 2021)

Following this mantra, the emerging 9-Piece band OLUMA, based in Leipzig, creates an impressive mix of Afrobeat, funk, jazz and Brazilian music. Their debut Album Cooking Time will be launched on April 5, 2024 on the Danish label One World Records.

OLUMA was founded in 2021 by bassist Gregor Nicolai, drummer André van der Heide and saxophonist Roman Polatzky. Combining dense, intricate grooves with energetic brass lines that lead into virtuosic improvisations is the group's bread and butter. However, the ability to guide their audience floating into a light, yet rich and lush harmonic dream world is ever present. The instrumental compositions can be categorized as global groove. André and Gregor began their musical journey in their formative teenage years in Berlin's multicultural scene. They share their love for handmade groove music and a passion for danceable beats. Eventually, their pursuit of music brought them to Leipzig, where they would meet Roman and the rest of the band with an international line-up. The album title Cooking Time did not come about by chance: the music is created in joint songwriting sessions, where beats are tinkered with and ideas are sung. The band not only enjoys sharing the stage, but also the dining table. Cooking Time is the perfect music for this and OLUMA also provides the perfect ingredient. In addition to the vinyl and CD, there will also be an organic spice mix, which also adorns the artwork. The band enlisted the help of delay nerd and Afrobeat aficionado Umberto Echo for their recordings, who uses old analog technology to create a nostalgic sound that meets modern production. With their debut album, OLUMA wants to share the idea that music can contribute to global understanding and connect people. Carolina Vallejo from the One World Records label has provided exactly the right environment for this. OLUMA presents a resounding testimony to the universal language of music. Their rousing performances and artistic diversity make them one of the most exciting bands on the contemporary music scene.

CD 01. Felantropique 3:54 02. Cooking Time 6:22 03. Tangerine 5:03 04. Interlude 0:52 05. Achtronaut 6:00 06. Oddacity 6:21 07. Hasty Train 4:21 08. Sunrow 5:51 09. On  A Walk 5:22 10. Song For Paulo 5:28 11. Jello 5:54 12. HCR Skit 1:54
VINYL  Side A 01 Felantropique 3:54 02 Cooking Time 6:22 03 Tangerine 5:03 04 Achtronaut  Side B 01 Hasty Train 4:21 02 Song For Paulo 5:28 03 Jello 5:54 04 Oddacity 6:21

Musicians: Gregor Nicolai (Bass) // André van der Heide (Drums, Percussion) // Roman Polatzky (Alto Sax, Flute) // Luke Strange (Trumpet) // Gregor Littke (Trombone) // Henrik Baumgarten (Baritone Sax) // Mauricio Vivas (Guitar) // Fernando Reis (Percussion) // Olga Reznichenko (Keys on 1, 7, 8, 9 & 11) // Valentin Mühlberger (Keys on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 & 12)

All songs composed by Gregor Nicolai & André van der Heide, except 3, 7, 8 & 11 (by R. Polatzky, A. van der Heide & G. Nicolai), and 9. (by R. Polatzky). Recorded by Umberto Echo at Castle Studios, Röhrsdorf, Germany.

Produced & mixed by Umberto Echo. Mastered by Tom Leader. Artwork by Mauricio Vivas & Celia Ibáñez. Photo by Leo Zwiebel.  

©℗ One World Records 2024

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media.