Carlos López (Spain)

Carlos López is one of the main Jazz Activists in Spain. He is a bright composer, passionate musician, methodic teacher and awesome promotor running one of the majors Jazz festivals in Spain.  He studied at Berklee College Of Music and at some of the most important European conservatoires. His carrer as a drummer has always been active, having the chance to play with big names as Benny Green, Gilberto Gil, Bob Mover, Jerry González, Javier Colina, Perico Sambeat, Albert Sanz among others. His eclectic taste for music has the jazz as the main meeting point.

His compositions go deeper into the european jazz and the free side without losing clear references to Coltrane or Monk. With this new recording Carlos López confirms his strong character as an anxious creator and an interesting home made jazz. The jazz demanded nowadays. 

In 2006 Carlos created   his own quartet recording the homonymous CD “CLQ”, and winning the Authors Association Award for the best jazz composition. Under his alter ego “The Last Minute Experience”, he release two new CDs (The Last Minute Experience and Low Cost Generation) diving under the fusion, adding MC´s and DJ´s to the band.  

Recently he awares the EUJAM scholarship witch push him into a two years period moving, playing and composing in Copenhagen, Berlin and Amsterdam. Letters from Copenhague, is his latest CD as leader and the essence of his last European adventure. With this work he has worked together with a lot of great musicians from all those cities.



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