The Senegalese singer and bass virtuoso, was asked by Marcus Miller to record on Miller's album ‘Afrodeezia’ from 2015 - then you know you're in for something special!

Then again, the super talent had already been headhunted by Ismaël Lô at the age of 18, and then continued to perform and record with almost all the contemporary music legends one could think of: Salif Keita, Oumou Sangaré, Bobby McFerrin, Joe Zawinul, Fatoumata Diawara, Paco Sery, Wolfgang Muthspiel,  Bela Fleck, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Deep Forest, Gregory Porter..

It seams obvious that Alune Wade is quite extraordinary, and it certainly shows with his latest solo album AFRICAN FAST FOOD released in 2018.

A tasty, incredibly elegant & tight album, with utterly groovy bass lines, great melodies, warm sound with cool vocals & funky beats, hard to sit still to, it does inspire dancing with the coolest moves. A mix of Afro Beat and Afro Jazz it sounds as Urban as can be and includes some of the greatest musicians from Paris, New York, Havana and Dakar. 

Alune was born on June 1978 in Dakar, Senegal. His father, the leader of a symphonic orchestra, taught Classical music to him. At 13 old Alune began to play bass with local bands in Dakar and made his first recordings at a friends studio at the age of 15. Three years later Wade made an audition for Ismaël Lô, one of the most prestigious musicians of the African continent. The young musician stayed with Lô for eight years.

In 2006 Alune Wade released his debut solo album. MBOLO which means unity in Wolof combines his training in African rhythms with contemporary and modern jazz influences. In 2015 Wade released HAVANA-PARIS-DAKAR, an album that bridges Dakar and Paris as well as the birthplace of his featured and frequent collaborator Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa.

Alune Wade’s versatile and deep-rooted touch on bass has established him as a virtuoso on the African Jazz scene. One of the masters to discover Wade's talent was the late Mr. Joe Zawinul, who invited him to be part of the legendary The Zawinul Syndicate. Since then Wade has been the bass player of versatile artists like Henri Dikongué, Paco Sery and Mokhtar Samba, to mention a few. 

Alune released his first solo album entitled 'MBOLO' meaning Union in Wolof in In 2006. Presenting a mixture of a rhythms rooted in Africa and influenced by jazz and contemporary music from all over the world, combining his training in African rhythms with modern jazz influences. He further explored those influences on his album 'AYO NENE' from 2010. In 2015 Wade collaborated with Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa to shape the work of 'Havana-Paris-Dakar', a bridge between the native homes of these two artists. The same yearAlune also recorded the album 'Afrodeezia' with Marcus Miller.

African Fast Food fully explores the profound connection between African rhythms and other global influences, exploring jazz and all of the boundless possibilities for interpretation. 



Ismaël Lô ‘Jiguen’ 1999 

Ismaël Lô ‘Dabakh’ 2001

Alune Wade ‘Mbolo’ 2006 

Alune Wade ‘Ayo Nene’ 2011 

Fatoumata Diawra ‘Fatou’ 2011 

University Of Gnawa ‘University Of Gnawa’ 2011

Gregory Porter ‘Liquid Spirit’ 2013 

Deep forest ‘Deep Africa’ 2013 

University Of Gnawa ‘Maza’ 2014

Julia Sarr ‘Daraludul Yow' 2014 

Wolfgang Muthspiel ‘World’ 2014 

Marcus Miller ‘Afrodeezia’ 2015 

Alune Wade & Harold López-Nussa ‘Havana Paris Dackar’ 2015 

Osloob & Naïssam Jalal ‘Al Akhareen’ 2018 

Alune Wade ‘African Fast Food’ 2018

Salif Keita 'Un Otre Blanc' 2018

MBOLO African rhythms with contemporary and modern jazz influences 

Alune Wade©2006

AYO NENE African Jazz 

Alune Wade©2011

HAVANA-PARIS-DAKAR A musical bridge between Dakar, Paris and Havana

Alune Wade & Harold López-Nussa, World Village©2015 

AFRICAN FAST FOOD Groovy Afro Beat mixed with Jazz and traditional Senegalese rhythms

Alune Wade, Sony Music Entertainment©2018