The AfrotroniX project is a multidisciplinaryconcept: a universe, an Afro-Futurist vision.

Discovered at the AFROPUNK festival in Paris, AfrotroniX is an original projectcreated by the famous Chadian guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye who hascollaborated with several international artists, ex. Mbongwana star BrianKennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown). Caleb is a distinguished musician and artistborn in Chad (Central Africa). Based in the multicultural city of Montreal,Canada, he brings a unique mix of African rhythms such as Chadian Saï,Senegalese Mbalak, Haitian Kompa and West African Sahara Blues intoelectronic music forms including deep house, dubstep, and techno.

The music and art of AfrotroniX appeal to the people who want to redefine anAfricanity that leads to a bright future, holding a powerful message of peace,inclusion and unity.

“AfrotroniX is a character who belongs to the futuristic Afro world of electronic-pop music”. 

The Afro-futurist concept is embodied on stage by the artist, who wears a helmet that mixesancestral traditions with a vision of African music in the era of digital creation. The show is anexplosive collage of rhythms, full of energy, transporting the audience from the first chordsinto the soul of a futuristic African continent. The band is composed of Caleb Rimtobaye (leadsinger, DJ, electric guitar), Lionel Kizaba (drums, percussion), plus master choreographer,Afro-urban dancer, Axelle Munezero. The live show includes elaborate visuals presenting a“New Africa,” and it has been gaining worldwide awards and fans steadily since the release ofthe first album in 2017.

Throughout his career, AfrotroniX has connected not only with audiences, but with politicians and contemporary philosophers. The band stands at the top of the Chadian star system, and is celebrated as a superstar in his home country for being the first Chadian artist to receive such a strong international success. His humanitarian works precedes him, while the group has become a popular guest at the most exclusive parties in Europe. 

The conductor, CalebRimtobaye was able, on several occasions, to demonstrate his capacity for organization inself-productions in Canada and Chad with the Peace in Sahel tour N'Djamena, Chad (18,000spectators), Abeche Tchad (20,000 spectators), Koumra, Chad (22,000 spectators), co-productions (LiveNation, Center Phi, Montreal Electro grove (MEG)) and participation ininternational events such as Carnival de Recife (about 100,000 spectators), Millenium ParkSeries, Chicago, (up to 10,000 spectators), five shows at the Jova Beach Party in Italy (50,000spectators each concerts), Ollin Kann, Mexico City (up to 30,000 spectators), Santiago deChile (about 10,000 spectators), Afropunk Paris , 100% Africa at La Villette in Paris and others.In addition, Caleb Rimtobaye has organized and participated in several international tourssubsidized by the Canada Council for the Arts as conductor of the AfrotroniX group and theH'Sao group. 

On April 19, 2021, Chad, the home country of Caleb, lost its president, Idriss Déby Itno. Riotswere organized against the new transitional government, fearing the late president's son'sambition for power. To respond directly to the youth, he decided to create an African tour forpeace and stability in Chad and the Sahel. This tour, called in French « PAIX AU SAHEL »,featured a series of giant concerts around Chad and the Sahel, sending a powerful messageof peace, inclusion and unity to the beleaguered youth of the country. Gathering between15,000 and 20,000 people at each show, the tour united people from the north and south;Muslims to Christians, Sara people and Gourane people, Arabic and Ngambaye speakers in apowerful, socially-engaged electro-youth movement. The stage welcomed many artists fromthe regions, men and women, singers, musicians, dancers and designers, to visually celebratethat the youth in Chad is full of uniqueness, drive, and talent. This tour was the first event ofthis size in Chad. 

An opinion leader through his art, AfrotroniX is the emblematic figure who inaugurated theNew Africa France Summit in Montpellier. The President of France, Emmanuel Macron,personally congratulated the artist not only for his impressive show, but also for hishumanitarian work. 

Speaking six languages, having his native roots in northern and southern Chad, growing up inN’Djamena and Montréal, AfrotroniX is the perfect reflection of the multiculturalism thatbrings humanity to another level of greatness. His music repertoire comprises two albums,several successful singles and a new album coming in the first months of 2023. 

AfrotroniX plans a mass concert atthe Idriss Mahamat Ouya stadium in Chad for the end of 2022.


2022 Best International African Music HAPAWARDS, Hollywood

2021 HAITIAN MUSIC AWARD - Best International Artist of the Year 

2021 AWARD IN CHAD - Citizen of the Year Award in Chad and internationally 

2021 Award for the best Chadian migrant artist 

2019 AFRIMA Award - Best African Migrant Artist  


2019 Best African Electro 

2018 Best African DJ  

2018 SOCAN Hardy Hagood