Adonis "Panter" Calderón, the long-time musical director of the Yoruba Andabo group, is a veritable prodigy of Afro-Cuban percussion and recognised in the world as a genius percussionist. In 2013 he founded Osain del Monte, bringing together the emerging generation of the young singers, dancers, and percussionists of Havana. They took the main stages of Havana to promote music emanating from the most “Afro” sacred rituals in the Cuban tradition (Santeria, Pablo, Abacua, Iyesa, Rumba and Columbia), and within a few months they became ambassadors of Afro-Cuban identity throughout the country. Spectators from around the world, including legends like Madonna and the Rolling Stones, crowded in to catch their incredible shows. They’ve been invited to collaborate on albums produced by today’s leading salsa groups: Habana de Primera, Los Van-van, El Niño y la Verdad, Elio Revé. Adonis & Osain del Monte is exploring and experimenting with the roots of African heritage, hard at work every day to manifest Cuban identity – of both past and present. Adonis y Osain del Monte presents an explosive, fusioned musical project around Afro-Cuban art and music in an intimate atmosphere. The mastery and live power of the musicians and dancers will take us to a dazzling world of magic: popular Cuban and international music, with all the authenticity of this ancestral music.

A fabulous project imagined and taken to reality is, even for those unfamiliar with Afro-Cuban art and music, the mastery and strength with which musicians and dancers take us into this magical culture full of gods in a universe of dazzling rhythms and sensual dances of our culture, with new percussive ingredients from Cuban and international popular music, without losing authenticity but at the same time with a high level of artistic creativity, enriching the current urban culture.

Musical instruments that characterize our Afro-Cuban world and updated versions of drawers that were the basis of the emergence of the rumba in our humble Havana neighborhoods are those that stand out as instrumentalists, who although young are known in the musical world, manage to create along with voices and dances a harmonious sound field in genres such as yambú, guaguancó, Columbia belonging to the rumba complex, as well as songs and touches belonging to Afro-Cuban religions such as Abakua, Yoruba and Bantú, as well as the traditional and current congas of Carnival Cuban. The group shines for his popularity and his percutaneous strength, as well as for his rogue texts that the public in Havana breathes with enthusiasm.

This ensemble founded in Havana in 2012 has some exponents and better musicians from groups such as Conjunto Clave and Guaguancó, Conjunto Folklórico Nacional, Yoruba Andabo among others.

The Columbia, the guaguancó and the rumba are sublimated to their maximum expression in an impeccable production with musicians of high invoice and the necessary knowledge to develop a communication by means of the secrets of the drum.

Adonis y Osain del Monte 'Pal Monte' 2016

Alexander Abreu & Osain del Monte 'Raza' 2020

Adonis y Osain del Monte 'Sin Comentarios' CUBADISCO AWARD 2020

Omara Portuondo Feat Adonis Panter Calderón 2018